Bodensee Winner 2018, ISWS Specialty Show

Richterin: Helen Geeson, UK


BISS: ISWS CH. Pengybrook Endevor Justadude
BOSS: ISWS CH. Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare
Best of Winners: Starborough Ice Ice Baby

Winners Dog: Endevor Prince of Thieves
Reserve Winners Dog: Lucky Luke Wolkowo

Winners Bitch: Starborough Ice Ice Baby
Reserve Winners Bitch: Jenny of SilkenSkyline

BISS Puppy: Kushbudar Star of Cashmere
BOSS Puppy: Kushbudar Velvet Moon

BISS Junior: Starborough Ice Ice Baby
BOSS Junior: Adonai´s Beautiwhite Bendeguz

BISS American Bred: Satsuma James St. James
BOSS American Bred: UKC Ch. Kristull Yamaha

BISS Bred by Exhibitor: Jenny of SilkenSkyline
BOSS Bred by Exhibitor: Kushbudar Chu Chulain

BISS Veteran: Endevor Prince of Thieves


Ergebnisse, Rüden

Puppy II:

1. Kushbudar Velvet Moon, BOSS Puppy

2. Kristull Hamlet


1. Adonai's Beautiwhite Bendeguz, BOSS Junior

2. Adonai's Brilliant Boldogsag


1. Adonai's Awesome Attila

Wyndolyn Hawkeye - absent


1. Lucky Luke Wolkowo, reserve Winners Dog

2. Dodger of SilkenSkyline

3. Faolan of SilkenJoy

4. Kushbudar The Heart's Cry

Attaway-Kinobi Alexandrite - absent

American Bred:

1. Satsuma James St. James, BISS American Bred

2. Wyndolyn Northern Lights

Bred by Exhibitor:

1. Kushbudar Chu Chulain, BOSS American Bred

2. Prince Caspian of Silkenjoy


1. Endevor Prince of Thieves, Winners Dog, BISS Veteran

Tanner's Bentley - absent

ISWS Champions:

1. ISWS CH. Pengybrook Endevor Justadude, BISS

2. ISWS CH. Kumbaya Believe in Magic


1. Honorable Hero Wolkowo, BOSS Altered

Ergebnisse, Hündinnen:


1. Kushbudar Star of Cashmere, BISS Puppy


1. Starborough Ice Ice Baby, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BISS Junior

2. Borina of SilkenSkyline

3. Endevor B*Witched

4. Bonenty of SilkenSkyline

Serenity Mayan Gold


1. Kushbudar Cloudsong at Endevor

2. Kristull Halona Silken Joy

3. Asgards Trudy McFuzz

American Bred:

1. UKC CH. Kristull Yamaha, BOSS American Bred

2. Satsuma Sophia Lamar

3. Kumbaya Esmeralda

Bred by Exhibitor:

1. Jenny of SilkenSkyline, Reserve Winners Bitch, BISS Bred by Exhibitor

2. Pengybrook Endevor Justaminx

3. Endevor CloudNine

4. Leading Lady Wolkowo

Fay of SilkenJoy

ISWS Champions:

1. ISWS CH. Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare, BOSS

2. Honey Hair Wolkowo


1. Tanner's Bayra, BISS Altered